Jehad Hamzeh


Born in Lebanon, traveled to Saudi Arabia with his parents in 1977, raised in Riyadh since then. Studied all his undergraduate in Saudi private schools, in 1992, he traveled back to Lebanon and start his architectural studies at the Architectural Collage of Beirut Arab University in Beirut.

After graduation in 1997, he started work on a number of firms, which he works hard to improve his skills according to the scale of projects, started with small shops or residential villas to be responsible of large buildings as office and residential towers.

Working in previous firms adds more experience to the achievement list, and open the possibilities to seek more opportunities in larger firms. Back in 2009, As A free lancer Architect, He establish his own small private firm in Beirut , Lebanon under the Name “JH Architects”, which works as part of any large firms expanding their options of their visions and share the success with more creative people, which lead to be one of group.